Elementary School



Our many-year successful course in elementary education allows us to confidently combine traditional practices with the most modern methods dictated by our society, which is constantly developing. The goal of a modern school is to operate purely as an intellectual institution and to shape personalities with critical thinking capable of distinguishing themselves in a demanding environment.


Our teaching course applies the officially detailed curriculum and additionally:


  • It is enriched with all of the additional activities required by the “modern experiential school” aiming at a round growth of our students’ mind ,body and soul strengths.
  • The internationally indicated practices such as those of Projects and Flexible Zone.
  • An invaluable tool in the implementation of those methods is the interactive board which has been installed in every classroom and allows each student to discover and easily consolidate every module making the lesson more appealing.
  • The standardized course is supplemented with all the necessary additional printed material and notes.
  • The students’ assessment takes place daily in all subjects and the correction of the students’ tasks is thorough.


The school curriculum includes:


  • Computer science lessons
  • Two foreign languages
  • Music
  • Children choirs
  • Participation in the children’s orchestra
  • Theatrical education
  • Art lessons in specially designed classes
  • Dancing lessons
  • Sports (football, basketball, tennis) and sporting events

All of the above lessons are administered to all students by talented and specialized teachers.


Moreover, the children obtain full training as well as their certificates in foreign languages and computer use in the frames of the school

Our school activities throughout the whole year are enriched with environmental education, excursions and educational trips, skiing lessons, theatrical plays and concerts in which all of our school community can participate. The development of the children’s special skills and talents and their familiarization with the active features of the Greek culture are our primary focus.


In the frames of the aforementioned facts along with specific practices, students are given the chance to enhance the knowledge they have obtained thus far and develop critical thinking.


At the same time through an enriched school experience with visits to places of cultural significance, excursions, celebrations, musical and theatrical plays, students fill their time constructively, gain experience, become creative and most importantly, they develop stricter criteria of determining quality in their lives.


Our school’s excellent performance has been officially accredited by the Ministry of Education which also allows for the gaining of experience by other teachers who are welcome to attend our lessons.