Foreign Education



Contemporary demands in the new European job market make it necessary both to learn foreign languages in a communicative way, and to use the new multimedia. Modern era makes the teaching of foreign language at school not a luxury, but a prerequisite for the successful integration and progress in the workplace.


In order to serve its goals, foreign languages education at I. Tsiamoulis Private Institutions starts from infancy, it is experiential as well as communicative, and it is adjusted to the students’needs and time, trying to achieve the gradual development of their cognitive level and their future professional establishment with recognized foreign language certificates.


Starting from the fifth grade of Elementary School, as far as English is concerned, and from the sixth grade of Elementary School, as far as German is concerned, our students participate in panhellenic foreign languages examinations that are organized by the Universities of Cambridge, Michigan and the Goethe German Institute. The flexibility of the teaching schedule and its correspondence to each student’s level lead to total success every year.


As for the foreign languages courses, we provide:


  • Teaching of the English language from the kindergarten and the chance of perfecting it in the first grade of Senior High School
  • Introduction of second foreign language – German – in the fourth grade of Elementary School and completion of the German studies in the second grade of Senior High School
  • Use of new technology and modern multimedia
  • Additional printed material developed and edited by our teachers
  • Different teaching levels and flexible schedules from Elementary School already, corresponding to the student’s knowledge and pace
  • Extra exam preparation courses, from the fifth grade of Elementary School for students of all levels. Small-numbered classes
  • Preparation courses in English or German as a special subject for the Greek University Entrance Exams.
  • Educational trips abroad for further practice of the foreign language
  • Participation in international programs on foreign language learning
  • Educational activities in the English and German language (musical and theatrical performances, film festivals)
  • Simulation tests and frequent review tests
  • Summer exam preparation courses


The foreign language certificates and the corresponding levels that our students reach are:



  • FLYERS / A1 – Fifth grade of Elementary School
  • KET / A2 – Sixth grade of Elementary School
  • PET / B1 – First grade of Junior High School
  • LOWER [F.C.E. – E.C.C.E] / B2 – Second grade of Junior High School
  • PROFICIENCY [C.P.E. – E.C.P.E] / C2 – First grade of Senior High School




  • FIT 1 in Deutsch / A1 – Sixth grade of Elementary School or First grade of Junior High School
  • FIT 2 in Deutsch / A2 – Second grade of Junior High School
  • ZERTIFIKAT Deutsch / B1 – Third grade of Junior high School
  • ZERTIFIKAT Deutsch / B2 – Second grade of Senior High School