High School



Secondary school is the foundation of secondary education and the starting point for the students’ preparation for high school.


Our goals are:


  • The students’ comprehension of the syllabus in class so that their homework can be done easier and in the right way.
  • All students active participation and efficiency throughout the lessons.
  • Practical training.
  • Gaining incentives on issues which are related to culture, the development of science, the relation between science and life.
  • Development of critical thinking.
  • Cooperation and emulation

In order for those goals to be achieved, the function of secondary school is based on the application of a curriculum which gives students the opportunity to learn, become motivated, love school and its people.

We provide our students with workbooks developed by staff, based on the curriculum, which assist them to their comprehension through a well-structured method that deepens their knowledge in the subject matter. The enriched school curriculum, the tutorial classes for remedial teaching right after the completion of the first trimester and the simulation exams that follow, do not leave any margins for gaps or deficiencies in the school syllabus.

The use of modern teaching mediums (computers, interactive boards, the internet) function subsidiarily and facilitate the comprehension of the educational material.

The preparation and presentation of school projects by students within the school community, the educational trips and excursions aid the creation of combined knowledge and cultivate good relationships and cooperation spirit among students. Furthermore, students get prepared and trained for the participation in competitions.

The educational trips in Greece are directly organized by our school - and not through travel agencies – that’s why the quality of services and the safety provided are of higher level and beyond any comparison. The students are not just observers. They are motivated by researching and presenting their projects before the entire student body and they also participate in programs from which they can benefit to the fullest. Besides, good mood and cooperation are illustrated in the photos and videos of these activities.

At the end of every school year the students of secondary school are given the opportunity to attend – free of charge – a summer program of science. Summer of Science is a class based on the presentation of sciences (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology, Information Technology, Environment) in accordance with the American and European college models, with visits, guest speakers, lectures, analysis of subjects concerning science and their relation with life. The topics of this class differentiate from year to year.

Summer of Science is not school. It is the chance of a different approach as far as science subjects are concerned.