Senior School



Despite the fact that Senior High School philosophy in the existent educational system is completely examination-oriented, we have managed to combine our students’ high performance and entrance to the most well-esteemed university departments with parallel activities that integrate their personality.


As for the studies, we provide:


  • Increased hours of remedial teaching on all the Greek University Entrance subjects that cover the students’ needs without additional extracurricular help.
  • Small-numbered preparation classes (of all orientations) for the university entrance exams
  • Concise and extremely helpful workbooks developed by the teachers of our school
  • Simulation tests throughout the year and individualized supervision of each student’s progress
  • Career orientation and counseling seminars leading to the right choices

Students can discover their aptitudes in cooperation with recognized career counseling institutes, through a skills test. Thus, they can properly choose the studies they want to pursue in the future, but also get informed about the job market and prospects, and opt for the occupation which suits them and offers the best chances of promotion and progress.

In this way, we create a flexible curriculum, which guarantees TOTAL SUCCESS in the Greek university entrance exams, with students being the first to enter, by getting more than 19.000 points every year. What is equally important is that we offer assistance and support WITHOUT EXRTACURRICULAR TUITION or any extra charge, which particularly nowadays is a great burden on parents’ finances.


At the same time, throughout the school year our students participate in:


  • Sports activities
  • Research projects
  • Theatrical performances
  • Literary nights
  • Environmental projects
  • Volunteering and social service
  • Educational trips both in Greece and abroad

All the above function as a counterbalance to a standardized form of education and knowledge, making our students stand out as personalities, since they are initiated to the fundamental meaning of art and culture, gain critical thinking and love for learning, learn to respect the environment, are glad to offer selflessly without return, and get to know important destinations, both in and out of our borders, which are of special historical and cultural significance and closely connected to the Greek nation.


Part of Senior School philosophy is also the connection between school and modern society so that students can be smoothly integrated into it as future active members and responsible people. Being sensitive to teenage worries and beyond the basic knowledge, we believe that the school ought to update knowledge and bring up issues of great importance for the students to discuss and get informed.


Helped by experts (psychologists, artists and literary figures, successful professionals), we organize seminars and meetings on issues which directly concern teenagers’ lives. We indicatively mention the following:


  • Alcohol and smoking in adolescence
  • Dietology and child obesity
  • Road accidents and driving behavior
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and healthy relationships
  • Internet dangers and protection

Being provided not only with a high standard specialized education, but also a deeply human-centered one, our students excel at school subjects and they simultaneously do not stop smiling, are not crushed, do not regard school as a prison, but as their own home. They are excellent and always smiley.