Computer Science

The computer science course takes place in the fully equipped, state-of-the art laboratory of our school, according to the daily school schedule. The computer science laboratory is an accredited ECDL examination center at the same time.


In this day and age that development pace and technological advancement are impressive, knowledge is something valuable with which we are required to equip our children. Familiarity with computers from early childhood ensures the smooth integration of the children into the future society, since it provides them with the proper background to a comprehensive computer science education. It simultaneously contributes to the creation of “a protection shield”, as it communicates the necessary knowledge about the safe web navigation and the right use of computers.

In our school, in collaboration with the ECDL Institute, we apply the ECDL ForKids and the ECDL Core+ programs, which constitute a complete course of computer education and computer use assessment, and ensure the children’s introduction to the field of computers in the best way. The methodology, but also the curriculum are especially designed for children, taking into consideration all the modern learning demands and educational processes, while the assessment and certification have the prestige of the ECDL Institute, the most valid institute for the certification of computer skills all over the world.


In the Fourth grade of Elementary School, students gain the basic knowledge in computer use and computer applications.


The students of the Fifth grade of Elementary School are given the opportunity to start the Platinum II module in the ECDL ForKids and complete their computer training at the end of the sixth grade of Elementary School with assessment on the following modules: creation of complex documents, complex animated graphics, website designing, video and DVD processing, advanced operational system techniques, programming, Internet.


The application of the ECDLCore+ program starts in Junior High School and finishes in the Third grade of Junior High School. By that time the students will have successfully completed the seven (7) tests of which the certification is comprised, and correspond to the 7 following modules:


  • Concepts of ICT
  • Using the Computer and Managing Files
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Using Databases
  • Presentation
  • Web Browsing and Communication


By gaining the ECDLCore+, our students can prove that they have basic computer knowledge and skills, and they are able to use the main office applications and the basic internet services.