I.Tsiamoulis Private Institutions 
“Not just another school ,but A DIFFERENT SCHOOL”


I.Tsiamoulis Private institutions is one of the oldest Greek schools with 60 years of continuing operation.

The educational philosophy that the cofounders of the school and its descendents share-who have been fermented into school practice for 3 generations of administrating already- have comprised an educational organization-intellectual institution, which has been acknowledged as a school of morals, shunning the garish and impersonal standardization of education, being honest and substantial in every aspect of its operation, creating well-rounded students who always constitute the living advertisement of its success.

In the light of the above, it is far from coincidental that  a big number of today’s school  students has parents who have graduated  from our school as well as that a significant number of our students’parents are teachers themselves with high demands for their children’s future. Our school’s performance , thus far, constitutes an innovation proven in practice which is a clear guarantee for both our students’future and the achievement of their goals.